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Sweeney's Electronics Company Profile

The concept of Sweeney Electronics Services began as a New Year's resolution on a dining room table in January, 1990. Since then, we have continued to provide quality service to our community.

What sets Sweeney's Electronics apart from the rest? Many manufacturers no longer support component level service. Instead, they only support board level replacement in electronic devices. In other words, they advise the service technician to replace complete circuit board assemblies rather than repair the defective circuit board. The cost of these circuit boards is very expensive and in most cases, also comes with an additional core charge if the old circuit board is not returned to the manufacturer. The end result is expensive and sometimes, cost prohibitive repairs.

Sweeney's Electronics collaborates with approximately 300 cooperative service centers across North America. We work very hard with these service centers in helping one another through the means of parts and information exchange to repair many of these circuit boards to component level. By doing this, we save a considerable amount of money and are able to pass this savings on to the consumer.

In August 2017, Ray Sweeney, III, owner of Sweeney's Electronics, relocated from the Philadelphia suburbs to Apex NC to pursue a teaching career in Technology Education. When not in the classroom with his students, he continues to provide award winning service in North Carolina.

Ray Sweeney Electronic Services

Specializing in Consumer Electronics Service & Repair