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Fix it or replace it?

This is probably the most common and yet, important question that a consumer may ask.

While I am not aware of a statistical 'repair or replace' case study, I have worked in the service industry for more than twenty-five years and I rely on my personal experience to address this question. With some exception, I am of the belief that a typical consumer electronics product has an average lifespan of about 15 years. That said and again, with some exception, a consumer can expect to have their product repaired, on average, perhaps once during that timeframe. In addition, typical repair costs on most electronic devices can be performed for less, and in many instances, a fraction of the replacement cost of a comparable device. Finally, consumers should also consider the implications of disposal costs and landfills when considering disposing an otherwise repairable electronic device.
Does your company offer free estimates?
My father once said “the only thing free is the cheese in the trap!” How true. A common misconception in the electronics service industry is that the terms: "estimate" and "diagnosis" are interchangeable. Simply said; an estimate charge is a mere guess while a diagnosis charge is a professional evaluation that is performed by a qualified, factory trained service technician.

Some shops offer “free estimates” but many times, these shops will spend very little time diagnosing units. They also oftentimes present costly estimates on difficult repairs. Having stated this, our service team charges a diagnosis fee to evaluate a consumer’s product. We take the time to properly analyze your product to determine the failure, the repair cost, and the likelihood of any future repairs. Should our customers approve the repair, the diagnosis fee is deducted from the final cost of the repair bill.

Diagnosis fees vary depending on the product. Please contact us for additional details.

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